Physical touch and intimacy is necessary for our psychological and mental wellbeing. Also known as haptic communication, touch is the primary nonverbal way to communicate that impacts our interpersonal relationships. Through various scientific studies, touch has proven necessary to our survival. There is such great power in what we may consider to be ordinary exchanges and moments. 

My experiences of touch have taught me that intimacy, touch and connection are necessary to the human experience. They make me grateful for those I have in my life who show me such love and affection. It shows the capacity that we have to love and be loved, you know the type of love that fills you with immense contentment. 

Nostalgic and tender, ‘Details of Love and Touch’ intends to celebrate the intimacies of touch and connection alongside anecdotal experiences that make us hopeful for a positive reunion with our loved one's post-lockdown.
Intimacy Study III, Emily, March 2020
Intimacy Study IV, Xavia, April 2020
Intimacy Study V, Lisa, February 2020

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